Thursday, July 14, 2011

Matthew 13:36–43

Matthew 13:36–43 (ESV): The Parable of the Weeds Explained


In this chapter Jesus explains the parable of the weeds, which he had told in verses 24–30.


It’s interesting, in reading Jesus’ explanation of the parable of the weeds, that he describes the weeds and wheat in a couple of ways; first they are “sons of the evil one” and “sons of the kingdom,” and then later on they are “law-breakers” and “the righteous.” Who are the righteous? Are they the ones who don’t sin? No, there’s nobody like that; the righteous are the sons of the kingdom—they are Christians. When judgement day comes, I will be counted as if I’m righteous, because I’m a son of the kingdom; I am not going to be considered a law-breaker because Jesus has already covered off all of my sins; the sons of the evil one are simply having their sins counted against them, as they should; I should too, but I won’t.

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