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General Blog Update

It feels weird to be even putting up this post; this blog is really just intended for my own use, for my own devotions, rather than being a public thing. However, there are people who come here—even a few who “follow” the blog, according to Blogger—so I guess I’ll go ahead and put this post up.

I Samuel Summary

The book of I Samuel covers a lot of ground, and includes some very familiar stories (including the story of David and Goliath, in Chapter 17). It begins with the birth of the prophet Samuel, and his rise to become the official prophet of Israel—taking over from Eli’s family, whom the LORD judges to be unfit to be Israel’s spiritual leaders. However, when Samuel is getting close to the age when he won’t be able to lead anymore, the people of Israel demand that he install a king, so that they can be like the other nations around them.

I Samuel 31

I Samuel 31: Saul Takes His Life

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I Samuel 30

I Samuel 30: David Destroys the Amalekites