Friday, March 26, 2010

Matthew 10:40–42

Matthew 10:40–42 (ESV): Rewards


Chapter 10 has focused on the Apostles. In verses 1–4 Jesus called them, and then in the rest of the chapter he gave a speech—this passage being the end of that speech—in which he sent them out on the first missionary journey, warning/instructing them what they would find on that journey, and how people would react, and how the Apostles should react to those reactions, etc.

Much of that speech involved warnings, since Christians are going to be persecuted in this world, but it ends on a high note with this passage, in which Jesus tells the Apostles that anyone who receives them well, or who helps them, will be rewarded. (I won’t summarize it point by point because it’s too short. Click the link above to read it.)


I’ve probably said this before, but I tend to stay away from the concept of rewards, when thinking about Christianity and my relationship with God. But it’s not a concept I should avoid so much; Jesus doesn’t shy away from talking about rewards.

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Matthew 10:5–15

Matthew 10:5–15 (ESV): Jesus Sends Out the Twelve Apostles