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Inconsistent Lately

If I have any readers, they’ll have noticed I’ve been a bit inconsistent lately. My usual schedule is to post every Monday and Thursday at 9AM EST, but sometimes I’m hours (or days) late, and sometimes I don’t post at all for a week or two.

It’s all for good reasons: I’ve just been getting busier and doing more traveling for work, leading to a less consistent schedule. But you should know I don’t take these variances lightly! I get reminders on my phone every Monday and Thursday at 9AM, and if I haven’t posted I give myself a guilt trip until I do – or until I finally give up, and suffer a worse guilt trip. 🤣

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2 Chronicles 11:5-23

2 Chronicles 11:5–23 (NIV)✞: Rehoboam Fortifies Judah, Rehoboam’s Family

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