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Deuteronomy 13

Deuteronomy 13: Worshipping other gods forbidden

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John Calvin on the “Prosperity Gospel”

I’ve been on vacation for a while, and have been neglecting my blogs. But I came across a post on the Pure Church blog today, about John Calvin on the “Prosperity Gospel,” and I thought I’d share it.

My favourite quote from this quote is:

The good things given by God are but a path to lead us to him, a ladder to ascend on high, not a tomb in which to bury ourselves.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

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Deuteronomy 10:1–11

Deuteronomy 10:1–11: New stone tablets

Verse of the Day

I’ve made a minor change to the blog template; I removed the old Flash “verse of the day” thing I used to have in the sidebar—which didn’t match the blog’s colours, or even the size of the sidebar—and replaced it with a new one from the ESV website.

The new version uses an RSS feed, instead of Flash, meaning that the item in the sidebar matches with the look and feel of the rest of the blog. If you don’t know what “RSS” is, then… well, you probably don’t need to.

Translating Specialized Terms

I didn’t even notice it, but I have now put up more than 200 posts to this blog. (This is post # 203.) I wasn’t sure if I would stick with it, but, overall, I have. I may actually get to Revelation after all…

However, although I’m sticking with the blog overall, I’m not always posting every single day. (My pesky life gets in the way, sometimes.) And I may or may not get a chance to post today. But, to keep you occupied, I found an interesting post on the ESV Bible Blog, about Translating Specialized Terms. You may not find it as interesting as I did—but, then again, I assume that about this entire blog in general.

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Deuteronomy 9:1–6

Deuteronomy 9:1–6: God didn’t choose Israel because of the Israelites’ righteousness

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Deuteronomy 7

Deuteronomy 7: Drive out the nations, and don’t be ensnared by them