Friday, November 25, 2011

Matthew 27:57–66

Matthew 27:57–66 (ESV): Jesus’ burial


In the last passage Jesus died on the cross and the temple curtain was torn in two. This passage begins that evening, when one of Jesus’ disciples—Joseph of Arimathea—comes to Pilate to request Jesus’ body. Pilate has it handed over to Joseph, who places it in is own, new tomb, over which he places a large stone. Joseph then goes away.

However, at this point the religious leaders start to second guess themselves; they remember how Jesus had mentioned that he would rise three days after his death, and they are now afraid that someone will come and steal the body and claim that this has happened. So they want Pilate to make the tomb secure, to prevent the body from being stolen, and Pilate gives them some soldiers to guard the tomb and make it secure. They do this, even going so far as to put a seal on the tomb.


I don’t really have much to say about this passage. It has a taste of irony to it since the religious leaders are so afraid of someone stealing Jesus’ body and claiming that he’s risen from the dead, whereas in the next passage Jesus is going to actually rise from the dead—no stealing is necessary.

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