Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Matthew 20:29–34

Matthew 20:29–34 (ESV): Jesus Heals Two Blind Men


Another fairly short—and simple—passage: On his way to Jericho a great crowd is following Jesus, and he passes by two blind men who are sitting by the roadside. When they realize Jesus is passing by they cry out for him to have mercy on them, but the crowd tells them to shut up. They cry out all the more, however, and Jesus asks them what they want. They respond that they want their eyes to be opened, so Jesus takes pity on them and touches their eyes; they immediately receive their site, and follow him.


I don’t know why I did the entire synopsis this time, instead of just advocating that readers follow the link and read the text…

One has to wonder: with such a great crowd following Jesus, how loud did the blind men have to be shouting for the crowd to actually tell them to shut up? (The text says that they told the men to “be silent” (verse 31 (ESV)), but it’s essentially the same thing.) Other than that, there isn’t anything to my eyes that’s remarkable about this particular healing incident which sets it apart from others; Jesus takes pity on two blind men, and heals them.

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