Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Matthew 9:27–31

Matthew 9:27–31 (ESV): Jesus Heals Two Blind Men


In the last passage, Jesus healed a woman who’d been suffering from a discharge of blood, and raised a girl from the dead. In this passage, as Jesus moves on from the newly-raised girl’s house, he is followed by two blind men, crying, “Have mercy on us, Son of David” (verse 27 (ESV)).

When Jesus gets wherever he’s going, he asks them if they believe he can do this for them, and they tell him yes. He tells them that it will be done according to their faith, and they both receive their sight.

Jesus then warns them not to tell anyone what has happened, but they go off and tell people anyway, so that Jesus’ fame spreads throughout the district.


In terms of the miracle, there isn’t much different from this miracle than others; because of the men’s faith in Jesus, they are healed. As in other places Jesus asks the healed men not to tell anyone (e.g., see 7:28–8:4), and as in other places, the healed men go and tell people anyway. I didn’t mention it in the 7:28–8:4 passage, but the ESV Study Bible says that some people call this the “messianic secret,” in one of the footnotes:

Jesus carefully avoids stirring up a misunderstanding of his messianic identity. Although miracles attest to the authenticity of his message concerning the kingdom’s arrival, he does not want to draw crowds who come simply for the sake of miracles. For other instances of what some have called the “messianic secret,” see 9:30 (ESV); 12:16 (ESV); 16:20 (ESV); 17:9 (ESV).

(ESV Study Bible footnote for Matthew 8:4 (ESV), with links added for Bible references)

In a way, I can’t blame them for telling everyone; if I’d been blind, and someone gave me my sight with just a word, I’m sure I’d want to tell people too. Then again, these men were commanded to do something by the Son of God, so I’m not saying they weren’t doing anything wrong. As is so often the case, God used their actions for His purposes, but they shouldn’t have told anyone.

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