Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Samuel 23:1–6

I Samuel 23:1–6: David Saves Keilah


David hears that a place called Keilah—which I assume, based on the context, is an Israelite town—is under attack from the Philistines, so he inquires of the LORD, who tells him to attack the Philistines and save Keilah. (We’re told in verse 6 that Abiathar brought the ephod with him, when he escaped to David’s camp, so I guess that’s how they’re inquiring of the LORD.) David tells this to his men, but they tell him that if they’re afraid in Judah, how much more afraid would they be to go to Keilah, and fight against the Philistines.

This seems to give David second thoughts, because he inquires of the LORD again, but he gets the same answer, so they go. They fight the Philistines, inflict heavy losses on them, and carry off their livestock.


David must be a good leader if he’s able to get his people to go and fight the Philistines when they’re already so scared of Saul. Their first impulse must have been to simply stay hidden, and, if they had to fight someone, they probably would have preferred to fight Saul. (Not that anyone has said so, to this point.) But, as usual, the LORD gave David success in his battle with the Philistines. He simply has to do the LORD’s will, whether he’s doing it as a servant of Saul, or as an outcast.

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Michael W. said...

This is really an impressive collection of thoughts on your reading of the OT. I see that you started in 2006, and are due to finish sometime in like 2050 or so!

I will bookmark your blog for sure...