Friday, September 05, 2008

I Samuel 11:12–15

I Samuel 11:12–15: Saul’s kingship reaffirmed


After Saul’s victory in the last passage, the people are more than happy to have him as king. In fact, there is talk of putting to death the people who had not wanted Saul as their king. However, Saul comes to their rescue:
But Saul said, “No one shall be put to death today, for this day the LORD has rescued Israel.” (verse 13)
Samuel then calls the people together at Gilgal, and they confirm Saul as king, and sacrifice fellowship offerings to the LORD, as part of a celebration.


Because I know that Saul is going to turn into a bad king for Israel, I keep reading these passages, trying to remember when he falls. So I read this, and am thinking to myself, “Well, he’s still doing pretty good. I think he did the right thing by not having anyone executed.” If I didn’t know that he was going to fall, this passage wouldn’t seem so interesting, but I sort of have a bit of suspense going on, trying to remember when he falls. (Foreshadowing: It happens in Chapter 13.)

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