Thursday, October 04, 2007

Deuteronomy 18:1–8

Deuteronomy 18:1–8: Rules for Levites


This passage contains some rules for the Levites.

  • The Levites are to have no alloted land or inheritance in Israel. They are to live off of the offerings made to the LORDHe is their inheritance.
  • The Levites are to receive the firstfruits of the Israelites’ grain, new wine, and wool from their sheep, along with part of every bull or sheep which is sacrificed (the shoulder, jowls, and “inner parts” (verse 3)).
  • Any Levite is to be allowed to minister before the LORD, at the Tabernacle/Temple. Even if the Levite is living somewhere else, and decides to move to the Tabernacle/Temple, he is to be allowed to serve. In fact, even though he receives money for selling his land, to move there, he is still to share equally in the benefits the Levites share.

Most of these rules have been covered before, but I’m not sure about the last one. It might be new.


The first two rules in this passage should seem pretty straightforward, by now. Especially since we’ve seen them before.

I find the last rule interesting, though. It makes sense, but I find it interesting that the LORD (through Moses) feels the need to spell it out for them.

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