Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Numbers 34

Numbers 34: Dividing up the Land


My coverage of this chapter will be short and sweet. Well… maybe not sweet; discussing land boundaries isn’t that sweet of a subject. But it’ll be short, anyway.

Verses 1–12 of this chapter go over the boundaries of the land that is to become the Promised Land. “Your Northern border will extend from here to here, and your Southern border will extend from here to here,” etc.

Then verses 13–29 talk about dividing up the land, once they’re in it. Eleazar the priest and Joshua are the ones who are to divide it up among the nine and a half tribes (since two and a half tribes took their land on the other side of the Jordan), and there are a number of leaders of tribes who are supposed to help them.


I don’t really have any thoughts on this chapter. I’m sure if I had more of a knowledge of geography the discussion of the boundaries of the land would be more interesting, but I don’t.

Even the BibleMap.org site didn’t help that much, because a lot of the place names mentioned in Numbers 34 aren’t recognized on that site.

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