Friday, June 29, 2007

Bible Maps

I was about to start blogging about Numbers 32—which I will do next—but I figured that I really needed to find a good map, first, to illustrate what was happening. So, as I tend to do, I went to Google, to look for some.

The first search result I came across was to a site called Although it’s not useful for my current purpose, it’s very cool: It has a search box, where you put in the Bible verse you want to look up—ESV or KJV—and then it searches in the text you’ve chosen for any names of places; cities, countries, whatever. It then superimposes those places onto a satellite map of that area, using Google Maps! See the screenshot for an example:

Now, I don’t really know how useful this will be; as you’ve noticed, in the view below, since it’s using Google Maps, it’s using the names of modern-day countries and cities (with the Old Testament references superimposed on top). However, if you were reading, for example, Numbers 21, and wanted to see where the lands it’s talking about are, in relation to today’s world, you could easily do that.

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